1 March 2011

The 2010 Beta version of AuScio has officially expired. Version 2.0 has arrived! Help test the refresh-limited version here.

17 June 2010

The data page now contains metal premium graphs for gold, silver, and platinum. These are generated and uploaded irregularly; if you have a need for more frequent updates, please let me know.

The auscio program is now open for unlimited use without a subscription.

12 May 2010

Added Data Page. Includes notes and archives.

2 May 2010

Updated AuScio. Please continue to send your suggestions.

1 April 2010

Kitco had a major network interruption.

30 March 2010

Thank you to a visitor who alerted us to a network connection problem!

AuScio generates a debug file called timingDebug.txt. This file contains web connection timing data. Please send this file to me if possible!

Triggered limit prices are now highlighted with yellow.

Added a FAQs page.

24 March 2010

Bid-Ask price directions are now indicated with colors; green for increases, red for decreases.

The old AuMonitor.aum file is automatically transistioned to AuScio.aum.

Please keep your copy of AuScio up to date during the beta trial. As always, feel free to send your comments or suggestions.

22 March 2010

AuScio Beta2 displays the update period directly on the button. Beta2 also adds an Alert Test button. Based on user suggestions, alerts now occur even when the markets are closed.

The phrase "Rube Goldberg Alarm Clock for Powerful Market Movers!" is humor. You can't actually use AuScio as an alarm clock unless you know future precious metal prices. Contact me if you have this ability.

17 March 2010

Added Price Page and Postcard Special Offer.

17 March 2010

Updated Beta to Version 2. AuScio now automatically installs itself on the desktop and creates a desktop shortcut. This should simplify installation to a couple of clicks.

11 March 2010

Added a current version line on the homepage under Updates. I strongly suggest you download and use the latest version.

Uploaded new AuScio version 2010-March-11a, which reduces network useage and increases network timeout robustness. Network timeout wasn't an issue yet, but this update should really prevent improper (timeouts not caused by the data server) timeouts from occuring.

8 March 2010

Today's user report: "AuScio woke me early this AM and I sold X oz. Platinum at only $3.00 less than the daily HIGH ! ($106+/oz profit)"

5 March 2010

AuScio is derived from the Latin aurum meaning "gold" and scio meaning "I know". My pronuciation is: a+u+sky+o

A "Buy Now" ordering option is now available:

3 March 2010

"Auscio price updates consistently arrive faster than a reloaded browser, especially during rapid price movements."
That is what one user said recently. Technically, this is occuring since the monitoring program does not need to re-render or wait for extraneous html, images, and ads. Realistically, this advantage is a few seconds at most (assuming the browser does not timeout).

Do you have any interesting observations? Let us know.

1 March 2010

Login page is now online

Beta version was updated and optimized

25 Feb 2010

Added Registration and Web-based Contact

Revised Audio Samples

23 Feb 2010

Added Contract and Contact

22 Feb 2010

No News is Good News